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Organization Background
Established in 2009, Shenzhen Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Promotion Center (hereafter SZSME) is a non-profit organization specializing in providing services for Hi-tech small and medium size enterprises. It manages the service center of Han’s Laser Next-generation Mobile Communication Professional Park and operates Shenzhen Hi-tech Park Intelligence Property platform.
To facilitate the communication among incubators and improve services for SMEs, SZSME organizes Shenzhen Hi-tech Park Incubator Alliance. The Alliance has more than twenty members with more than 2000 incubatees. SZSME is building a public service platform for incubators to accelerate development of incubatees.
Cooperate Directions
Establish links with foreign incubators for international communication.
Consult in setting up in Shenzhen, matching business partners and raising funding.  
Provide services for International Incubators in Shenzhen
Contact Information
Ban LIU  Director 
Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park Incubator Alliance
Han's Laser Next-generation Mobile Communications Professional Park
Shenzhen Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Promotion Center

Rm 705, 7/F ,Chinese Overseas Scholars Venture Building, South District, Shenzhen Hi-tech Industry Park Shenzhen, China

Email: aihualiu@ship.gov.cn
Tel: +86-755-86329860
Fax: +86-755-86329835
Mobile: +86 136 3273 0500
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